Removing Raccoons & Other Unwanted Pests

They are cute, and furry, on television. Raccoons in your house, not quite so cute. Believe it, or not, anyone can have a problem with raccoons. They are adept at getting in even the smallest opening. That scratching you hear in the attic, may not be mice. In fact, mice may be the least of your worries. How can you be sure? This is not a project to try and do yourself. Wild animals are unpredictable, and can be dangerous. A bite will be painful, and if you can’t catch it, the shots for rabies even more painful. So, what do you do?


Luckily, people in Chicago can call a raccoon removal professional. Someone in the Chicago area trained in raccoon removal. Just trying to catch it, isn’t enough. That’s only half the problem. What do you do with it after you catch it? A good example is Chicago squirrel removal company, that specializes in all wildlife pests, they surely will catch it a special trap that will not hurt the animal, give your house a 67 point attic to basement inspection, then release the animal in an area far from your home. Next, they will find and seal off any opening big enough for a reentry. This family of raccoons will not be moving back in your hose, any time soon.

Wild animals, like raccoons, or opossums, or skunks, or even squirrels, move into human dwellings for the same reason humans do. A house is better than a tree. It give better protection from the weather, and most predators. Human’s often make their homes more inviting without realizing it.


If you leave pet food out at night, or don’t secure your trash, a raccoon will take that as an invite. As cities grow, wild animals have less, and less natural habitat. It’s really our fault. That’s why we should do all we can, when our living spaces collide, to make it as safe and humane a removal as possible. Harsh chemicals and pesticides will do as much harm to us and our pets as they do to the wild animal we feel is a pest. Some might wonder if it is fair to treat the wild animals around us as pests. They may be cute, and fun to watch, but the damage they do to our homes is anything but cute. Raccoons, as well as other woodland creatures, can do extensive damage to the eaves, chimneys, and roofs. They will have babies. They can carry rabies, or parasites. The fecal matter and urine damage will cause major problems for any home owner.